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Pick of the Pride

One student is recognized each month as “Pick of the Pride” for their grade level. These students will be featured on our school website, on a school bulletin board and in their classroom. They will also have their name announced over the intercom and will receive a prize.


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports


School-wide Discipline Plan

Carrie Martin Elementary follows the state-wide PBIS program. PBIS is a school-based program that seeks to create an environment where appropriate behavior happens naturally so that optimal learning may occur. PBIS improves student academic and behavior outcomes by ensuring all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioral practices and interventions possible.


Carrie Martin Lions “ROAR”

We are Respectful, we Obey rules, we Achieve, and we are Responsible.

Classroom Managed Behaviors (Minor Infractions)

Classroom managed behaviors are minor infractions that do not significantly violate the rights of others and do not put others at risk or harm. 

Minor Infractions


1. Dress code violation

Failure to adhere to the parish and school dress code

2.  Materials not brought to class

Failure to bring needed supplies to class

3.  Homework not completed

Only counts as ONE infraction per day, not per subject

4.  Disruption

Out of seat, off task, talking, making noises, throwing objects, tapping

5. Disrespect

Attitude, rolling eyes, smacking lips, defiance, and/or talking back

6. Dishonesty

Failure to tell the truth

7. Inappropriate language

Name calling, teasing, hand gestures, letters, and notes

8. Teasing

Minor physical contact or “making fun of” that is not serious in nature 

9. Not following directions

Not following classroom procedures or teacher’s instructions

10. Other

Going to unauthorized websites, changing settings on computers, writing on school property, etc.

Office Managed Referrals (Major Infractions)

Administration will determine the course of disciplinary action when a student is sent to the office with an office referral.

Major Infractions


Treats an authority with disrespect

High-intensity disrespect including, but not limited to, profanity or obscenity directed at an authority figure

Makes an unfounded charge against authority

Student falsely accuses an authority figure of an infraction

Uses profanity and/or obscene language

High-intensity use of inappropriate language  (verbal/gestures)

Is guilty of conduct or habits injurious  to his/her associates

Deliberate action that causes intense harm

Uses or possesses tobacco or lighter

Use or possession of  lighter, matches, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff,  e-cigarettes, etc.

Uses or possesses alcohol

Use or possession of alcohol

Cuts, defaces, or injures any part of public school buildings/vandalism

Actions resulting in substantial destruction, disfigurement or damage of property

Writes profanity and/or obscene language or draws obscene pictures

Written profanity, which may include pictures, of a severe nature


Physical contact or verbal harassment that is serious and repetitive in nature


Possession of firearms, knives or other weapons

Throws objects liable to injure others

High intensity occurrence of throwing an object that could, or does, cause intense harm to a person

Instigates or participates in fights while under school supervision

Actions involving serious physical contact where injury may occur (hitting, punching, hitting with an object, kicking, hair pulling, scratching, etc.)

Violates traffic and safety regulations

High-intensity violation of safety or traffic rules that could result in injury or major disruptions

Leaves school premises or classroom without permission

Deliberately leaving an authorized area

Is guilty of stealing

Possession of, having passed on, or being responsible for removing someone else’s property



Lion Pride Days and Lion Pride Fun Day reward criteria

  1. To attend Lion Pride Day and/or Lion Pride Fun Day, students must not receive a referral.
  2. To attend each 9 weeks Lion Pride Day, students must not receive more than 3 minor infractions during the nine weeks. To attend the end of the year Lion Pride Fun Day, students must not receive more than 3 minor infractions for the year.
  3. To attend Lion Pride Day and/or Lion Pride Fun Day, students must not have any outstanding library fines, textbook fines or technology fees. Students may pay fines/fees in installments throughout the year.  

Lion Pride Days for 2017-2018 will include:

1st 9 weeks:   Sundae Survivor (Students will play games and eat sundaes)

2nd 9 weeks: Polar Express Day (Wear PJs to school and watch a movie)

3rd 9 weeks: Dress for Success Day (Wear professional clothes)

4th 9 weeks: Winner Take All (Participate in a fun games)


Zero Hero Award will allow students who have Zero Hero Status (have received no minor/major infractions for the school year) to be rewarded with lunch with administration during the last week of school.


Lion Pride Fun Day Reward will include an off campus trip to Altitude Trampoline Park. This trip will occur in May for students who met the criteria listed above during the school year.