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Ms. Stumon's 2nd Grade Class

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Unit 4  Week  6                         Review Week


Oral Vocabulary

preserve    patient   valuable   discovery   transform   adjust     foreign   condition    



clearing   piece of land that has no trees

perfect    as good as is possible

materials   what things are made from or used for

balance   footing; even placement of weight that lets someone stand upright

awaken   cause to stop sleeping

texture   the feel that things have  because of the way they are made

Spelling Words                                           

  1. ankle           8.  royal              
  2. title             9.  coil                         
  3. apple          10.  boyhood
  4. wood          11.  soybean
  5. stood           12.  rainbow
  6. shook           13. fruit
  7. gown            14.  juice

1. What is your favorite juice drink?              

 2. Peaches were in the fruit bowl.

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